2017/2018 Season Raffle Rules

Please see the following raffle rules for the 2017-2018 hockey season.

Raffle Rules


  1. Licensee: The Raffle shall be conducted by the Licensee (Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association) pursuant to a license from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulations, AGLC Policy, AGLC Raffle Terms and Conditions, and other rules set forth as follows.
  2. Date and Location of Draw(s): Winners will be drawn on January 3, 2018, at Millennium Place, 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park Alberta.
  3. Rules: These are the Official Raffle Rules and are available upon request.
  4. Minor Children: No tickets shall be sold to a person under the age of 18.  All ticket sellers will advise ticket purchasers not to write the name of a person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age in accordance with the Public Trustees Act.
  5. Tickets: The cost of each ticket shall be ten dollars ($10).  Nineteen thousand five hundred (19,500) tickets will be printed and available for sale.  No Refunds:  All ticket sales are final.
  6. The Draw: A ticket stub containing the ticket serial number of each sold ticket shall be placed in a draw container.  The draw will take place at approximately 6:00PM on January 3, 2018.  This draw is open to the public.

The Draw shall be conducted as follows:

  1. One ticket per prize will be manually drawn at random.
  2. At least two Executive Members of the Licensee and three members of the general public who are not members of the Licensee shall be present to witness each Draw.
  • The Draw can be made by any person who does not own a ticket or a share of a ticket in the Draw.
  1. The arm of the person making the Draw must be bare of all clothing and jewelry below the elbow, and must exhibit his/her draw arm and both sides of his/her open hand immediately prior to making each Draw.
  2. Only the person making the Draw may put their arm/hand into the draw container. When selecting a winner, the person making the Draw must look away from the container.
  3. Winning tickets shall be immediately exhibited to the Draw witnesses and held for inspection;
  • The licensee shall record the Draw in its entirety on video or electronic recording device and on prizes paid out form.
  • The winning ticket shall then be returned to the Draw container for opportunity to win subsequent prizes.
  1. The first ticket drawn will be for First prize, the second ticket drawn will be for Second prize, the third ticket drawn will be for Third prize, the fourth ticket drawn will be for Fourth prize, continuing in sequential order until all prizes have been drawn, concluding with Fourteenth prize.
  1. Winner Notification: The Raffle Chairperson will notify individual winners using the contact information provided on their ticket stub.  Winning ticket numbers will also be posted at spmha.ab.ca and winners will have one year from the date of the draw, to claim their prize by presenting the winning ticket in person to receive their prize.  Should any prize remain unclaimed by midnight, January 3, 2019, the Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Board of Directors will vote as to allocation of unclaimed prizes and gain approval from Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission prior to expenditure of any unclaimed prizes.
  2. The Prizes: Prizes are not transferable and must be accepted as awarded with no substitutions.  Total prize value $39,000.  Prizes to be awarded:
    1. 1st Prize:  $7500
    2. 2nd Prize:  $7500
    3. 3rd Prize:  $5000
    4. 4th Prize:  $3500
    5. 5th Prize:  $3500
    6. 6th Prize through 9th Prize: $2000 each
    7. 10th Prize through 13th Prize:  $1000 each


  1. Cancellation: The licensee may rescind, cancel, amend or revoke the Raffle, subject to the prior approval of AGLC.  The minimum dollar amount for ticket sales for the association to determine that the raffle must be extended or cancelled with the approval of AGLC is $60,000 and the date of the extension to be filed must be prior to December 1, 2017.  Without limiting this generality, the licensee reserves the right to cancel or modify the raffle and/or these official rules, in whole or in part and without notice, if the licensee determines that fraud or technical or other failures have threatened or destroyed the integrity of the raffle.
  2. Notice advising ticket purchasers, in the event a winning ticket stub has more than one name on it, the licensee shall award the prize to only one of the individuals identified on the ticket, the first name appearing on the ticket, and that the licensee and the AGLC are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between the different individuals whose names appear on the ticket stub.
  3. Ticket purchasers must be 18 years of age or older. The Raffle Chairperson, listed on the license application as Karen Melnyk, is not eligible to purchase tickets due to overseeing the ticket inventory control and the collection of proceeds.  All tickets sold are eligible.
  4. These rules are intended to clarify operating policies for this raffle, and do not supersede any document or policy set by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. In the instance that these rules challenge policy set out by AGLC, then AGLC rules and policy shall take precedence.
  5. Contact Information: Complaints, comments, or concerns should be addressed to Karen Melnyk, Raffle Chairperson c/o SPMHA, P. O. Box 3058 Station Main, Sherwood Park Alberta, T8H2T1 or gkmelnyk@shaw.ca.  Additionally, Lesley Chase, SPMHA Administrator, may be contacted at 780-467-8492 or mhadmin@shaw.ca .



Financial Controls

  1. Volunteers for cash count and deposit verification will be solicited from the general membership to participate in stub collection and financial reconciliation events held at Millennium Place, 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park on the following dates: December 18, 19 2017. Volunteers will witness ticket stubs being returned, will verify and count the stubs, collect and count any funds, and witness the stubs and funds being placed in a secure area for deposit/storage.
  2. All lost and stolen tickets shall be reported to the AGLC immediately. A Discrepancy Report shall be submitted by the raffle chairperson to the AGLC within 3 days of being notified of the lost or stolen tickets. The Discrepancy Report shall specify the total number and serial numbers of the lost or stolen tickets and an explanation for how the tickets were lost or stolen. If the tickets were lost or stolen before they were sold, the licensed group shall advertise in the market area where the tickets were lost or stolen that these tickets will not form part of the draw and will not be eligible for prizes. In addition, at Millennium Place prior to the draw, the licensed charity shall announce the lost or stolen tickets will not form part of the draw. If the tickets were lost or stolen after they were sold, the licensed group shall: attempt to contact the purchaser through information available from the seller; advertise in the market area that tickets with the affected serial numbers were lost or stolen and will not form part of the draw, and anyone holding such a ticket should contact the licensed charity so that either another ticket can be issued or a refund provided. A report of all replaced tickets shall be kept and provided to AGLC prior to the draw.


Ticket Distribution and Collection

  1. Nineteen thousand five hundred (19,500) tickets will be printed and stapled in batches of 15 in sequential order.
  2. Each batch of tickets will be recorded on the Ticket Inventory Control Sheet.
  3. Volunteer sellers will be assigned one or more batch(es) of tickets.
  4. Upon approval from AGLC, ticket distribution events will be held on the following dates: November 22, 23, 2017.
  5. The Raffle Chairperson (Karen Melnyk) and Association Administrator (Lesley Chase) and/or Treasurer (Candace Lusok) will sign all raffle inventory control sheets for each stub collection/financial reconciliation event.
  6. Final ticket collection night will be on December 21, 2017. Ticket Reconciliation will be sent to AGLC at the conclusion of inventory and prior to the Draw.


Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion will be through the following methods:

  1. Website spmha.ab.ca
    1. Will be utilized for administration to publish rules, distribution procedures, and collection procedures for sellers’ reference.
    2. Will not be utilized to sell tickets or to promote ticket sales.
  2. Posters will be created to convey distribution and collection procedures for sellers’ reference and will be placed at Millennium Place. Posters will not promote ticket sales.
  3. Prior to the Draw, notice will be posted at Millennium Place in public areas to denote any tickets lost or stolen which would be ineligible for the Draw.
  4. Advertising in the Sherwood Park News will declare any tickets that have been reported lost or stolen, and any ticket numbers that are ineligible for the draw.  Advertisements will not promote ticket sales.