Annual AGM and Election of Executive

Annual AGM and Election of Executive

Have you ever thought or asked:

1) Why doesn’t SPMHA do ……………?
2) How come SPMHA does …………….?
3) I sure wish SPMHA would ………………?

Or have you ever had concerns about the performance of the board of directors, the volunteer job they have done or the program in general?

The fact is, SPMHA is a board of 28 individuals that have jobs and other family commitments but volunteer their time to organize, run and develop a program for approximately 1300 players on almost 90 teams and try to meet the needs and requests and demands of over 2600 parents and guardians. Obviously a monumental task.

At the board level one of our key limited resources is volunteer hours. Most of our board members have children in the program they would like to watch from time to time and many of our board also dedicate a portion of their time at the team level by managing, coaching or other various team level positions.

So, if you have ever asked one of the questions above and want to make a difference for the benefit of the whole program, the best way to help make a change in the program is to get involved at the board level and work to improve the program as a whole.

This year we have a large number of vacant positions and we need dedicated volunteers looking to develop and run our community program.

Our election AGM is on March 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Gibson Room at Millennium Place. Nominations will close on March 12, 2018. Please forward your nominations to Lesley

All of the positions set forth below are up for election this year.

If you would like any additional information in relation to any of the positions please do not hesitate to contact me at SPMHA_President@

President – 2 year term (SPMHA board experience a pre-requisite)

VP Programs
VP Senior (1 year remaining of a 2 year term)

VP Junior (2 year term)
Director at Large Sr.
Director at Large Jr.
Public Relations
Tournament Director
Sponsorship Director
Hockey Improvement – Coach
Hockey Improvement – Player
Initiation Director
Novice Director
Atom Director
PeeWee Director
Bantam Director
Midget Director
Junior B/C Director
Equipment Director
Sweater Director
Apparel Director
Manager Director

Even if you are not running for a position please take the time to come out and vote as this is your opportunity to choose who is involved in running the program for your child.

Further, following the formal election meeting we will have a general question and answer period. So if you simply have a question you would like to ask of the board this is your opportunity to do so.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM.