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Updated teams and Sunday ice times

Here are the updated teams and updated ice times. Please note that there maybe still some movement for parity reasons.   SP823 SP822 SP821 SP820 SP819 SP818 SP817 SP816 SP815 SP814 SP813

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I am sorry I am posting so late. There are teams playing Friday so it had to be done. These are not the final teams, there are still parity games which may see some movement.   Team SP818 will play a game against the female fusion team Sept 24 at 4pm MP Chevy Team SP820 will play…

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I would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who offered their time to help during evaluations. This process wouldn’t have run so well without each and every one of you. A special thanks to the evaluators that took hours away from their families to come to all the sessions to help during the…

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