UPDATE: Discovery/Initiation Coach Meeting now on Tuesday, September 26th @ 7:30PM at Arena

By Elton Davidge | August 25, 2017

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the Coaches Meeting has been changed to Tuesday, September 26th at 6:00 PM at the Arena Mini-Gym. I ask that all Head Coaches attend the meeting. It would be appreciated if those that volunteered as Assistant Coaches also attend, if possible. Other Important Upcoming Dates: Saturday, September 30 – SPMHA…


Name Manager
Initiation 1 - SP206 (Blue Sharks) Candace Hall
Initiation 1 - SP202 Laurie Leeder
Initiation 1 - SP203 Fireballs Brad Buechler
I1 SP204 Blue Ninjas Christine&Chris Grabill
Initiation 1 - SP205 Mason O'Keefe
White Lightening - SP208 Jennifer Chorostkowski
Initiation 1 - SP209 Kelly Fry
Initiation 2 - SP211 Kelly Thomsen
Initiation 1 - SP210 Shawna Murphy
Initiation 2 - SP212 - Oilers Teresa Strynadka
The Penguins - SP213 Lindsay Mok
Initiation 2 - SP214 Tara Lamabe
Red Ninja Blades - I2 SP215 Joshua Moar
Initiation 2 - SP216 Jon Fitzgerald
Initiation 1 - SP207 Nicole Matos
Initiation 2 - SP217 Lindsay Piling
The Snipers Chris Parsons
SP 201 Shayla McCallum