New Guidelines for Checking and Non-Checking Hockey for Bantam

Please read full article for information for 2016-2017 season.


If you have watched the news or logged on to the SPMHA home page, you will see an article that outlines a new structure for our interlock with Edmonton, defined by whether teams are checking or non-checking.

SPMHA will continue to interlock with Edmonton. If you do NOT wish your child to participate in checking hockey, you will have the option to decline to try out or participate on the Bantam A and B teams when you register. Here is the new structure, as I understand it:

  • Bantam AAA – SPKAC + Checking
  • Bantam AA – SPKAC + Checking
  • Bantam A – SPMHA + Checking; formerly Tier 1A Butler
  • Bantam B – SPMHA + Checking; formerly Tier 2A Frederick
  • Community 1 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 3A Pruden
  • Community 2 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 4A Barnes
  • Community 3 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 5A Dermott
  • Community 4 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 6A Ross
  • Community 5 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 6B Lee
  • Community 6 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 7A Fysh
  • Community 7 – SPMHA Non Checking; formerly Tier 8A Atkinson

Once the SPMHA Executive has chosen a path for evaluation options to address this new structure, we will have good information to get to your families. We will no longer be offering the Rec Hockey program. Participants may register with the Edmonton No Hit League.

You are welcome to contact me via email for any questions.

Please take a moment and fill out the brief survey as accurately as possible. We ask for your last name to ensure that only one response is submitted per a participant as well as your team number from the previous season and your child’s year of birth. It is important to understand that this information WILL NOT BE INDIVIDUALLY IDENTIFIABLE. The information gathered will be pooled, then tabulated and hopefully the results will assist us in understanding what hockey program is preferred by our participants.


Carlie Smith
Sherwood Park Minor Hockey, VP Senior

Thank you!
Mary Minnoch