Player Development – Goalie clinics by Crease Masters

Dear Parents/Managers,


SPMHA will be holding goalie clinics run by Crease Masters again this year at Broadmoor arena. Carded coaches are once again encouraged to participate on ice to learn some tips to take into their own practices.


Please follow the following procedure to register your goalies for these camps.


  1. Send Rick Rishaug an email to and he will send you a confirmation email in return. In the email please put your child’s name and level played. Also please put the date of the clinic you are registering for in the subject line of the email. Example: Atom goalie clinic Oct 7

You may ONLY REGISTER ONE WEEK before the clinic, and there will be a maximum of 12 spots available each week. Registrations will not be accepted more than one week at a time or longer than one week prior to the desired date in order to reduce confusion and give everyone an opportunity to participate.


  1. The cost of the clinic is $20 and must be given to Rick or Bob at the ice time.


  1. Please do not register and then not show up as you may not get the next opportunity. If the camp is full we will be turning kids away and no shows are not fair to those we may have to turn away. An email letting us know is fine but at least 24 hours before so we can fill the spot.


  1. I know we are jammed in but please  do not use more than one dressing room as we are only allowed 2 but we need one for instructors and some of the helpers will be in full gear as well. Of course if there are girls participating there is a refs room that can be used, just ask the rink attendant.



Goalie Clinics 2017-2018

Wednesday October 11                                   Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm       Novice/Atom

Wednesday October 18                                  Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm       Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday October 25                                  Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm       Novice/Atom

Wednesday November 1                                 Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday November 8                                 Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm       Novice/Atom

Wednesday November 15                              Fall Break No Clinic

Wednesday November 22                               Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday November 29                               Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm         Novice/Atom

Wednesday December 6                                  Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday December 13                                Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Novice/Atom

Wednesday December 20                                Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday January 3                                      Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm        Novice/Atom

Wednesday January 10                                    Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm         Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday January 24                                    Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm         Novice/Atom

Wednesday January 31                                    Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm          Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday February 7                                    Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm           Novice/Atom

Wednesday February 14                                  Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm           Peewee/Bantam

Wednesday February 21                                 Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm           Novice/Atom

Wednesday February 28                                  Broadmoor  5:15-6:15pm       Peewee/Bantam



Rick & Bob

Crease Masters Goalie Clinics