2017-2018 Discovery Registration Cap

By Elton Davidge | May 25, 2017

Due to ice availability, the Discovery Division at this time will be capped at 50 registrants. A successful registrant is one that is listed on the Hockey Canada Registry and has paid their registration fees. After 50 registrants have successfuly registered and paid, a waiting list will be kept. This will be monitored if a circumstance…

Should my child play summer hockey?

By asollitt | February 19, 2017

During this part of the year, coaches are often approached with the question “what should my child be doing this summer to prepare/improve for next season?”.  My advice….Don’t play hockey! Participation in variety of sport is essential in developing all-around athleticism and healthy lifestyles. Even those children with a deep passion for the game, should…

Hockey Canada Skills Inventory

By asollitt | August 23, 2016

Initiation Skills Inventory Novice Skills Inventory Atom Skills Inventory PeeWee Skills Inventory Bantam/Midget Skills Inventory  

Hockey Canada Network

By asollitt | August 23, 2016

On-demand access to thousands of videos, articles and more.The Hockey Canada Network offers coaches, players and parents in every community across Canada access to the best information for developing hockey players. Download the app for you iPhone, iPad or Android device now.