1. Special Event Permits are for ANY event that does not involve actual hockey (game, practice or tournament).
  2. Requests for Special Events must be received 7 days prior to the event.
  3. If you have an on-going event (say Dryland every Wed from Nov to Jan) one permit request is fine.  But you must specific the dates of start and finish and time and the day of the week.  If you just put in Jan-1 to Mar 31 at GARC this will be DENIED.  It would have to be Jan 1 to Mar 31 at GARC every Wed 5-6:30 p.m.
  4. Some of the events that will NOT be approved are:  SWIMMING, TOBOGANNING, TUBING, LAZER TAG, PAINTBALL.
  5. If you are going on a Tournament out of town, you do not need a separate Special Event Permit for any activities you do while away.  All is included in your Travel Permit, EXCEPT FOR EVENTS THAT HOCKEY ALBERTA WILL NOT INSURE (EXAMPLES IN NUMBER 4 ABOVE)
  6. If you are going for a team lunch/dinner/breakfast after or before a game YOU MUST HAVE A SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT.
  7. If you wish to bring out a visiting coach or player (as a coach), you may do so WITHOUT a special event permit as long as the coach/player is a carded member of another SPMHA or SPKAC team, is in good standing, is peewee aged or higher, and if a player, must come from at least one division above the team they are helping.
  8. If you wish to bring out an Atom aged player to help coach in a lower division, you must obtain a special event permit.
  9. If you have a player from a higher division coming down to help coach THEY MUST WEAR FULL HOCKEY GEAR WHEN ON THE ICE.