SPMHA Announces Launch of Coach Mentorship Program

In consultation with the Coaching Association of Canada, the SPMHA Coach Mentorship Program is structured to provide coaches with enhanced resources to help augment and validate their coaching abilities. It is designed to provide coaches with supplemental educational opportunities, one-on-one mentoring and support in areas that have been identified as critical athletic development. It focuses on a culture of learning and growth for all SPMHA coaches, while providing them with the required skills, knowledge and support to promote and sustain higher levels of coaching performance, for the purpose of increasing overall coaching competency.

The Program Overview can be found on the SPMHA website along with relevant appendices for both mentor and mentee applications. We encourage experienced coaches to apply for the position of mentor, which will be a paid role within our Association. Those coaches who are new, or are looking for additional support, are encouraged to apply as mentees of the program. Divisional Directors will also be identifying mentee candidates.

The upcoming timeline regarding the Program is as follows:

October 7th

  • Announcement of Mentorship Program

October 8th

October 28th

  • Mentors & Mentees are selected

Dates Tentative

  • Mentors receive formal NCCP Training

November 2nd & 3rd

  • Mentees and Mentors are matched

November 4th

  • Mentorship Program rolls out