{Edit: Goaltenders have been added to the list.  I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and I sincerely apologize for all the additional stress put on our goaltenders who have been waiting an extra couple of days to find out their team placements.  Sacrifices were made by a couple of goaltenders in taking voluntary withdrawals and transfers away from SPMHA this season – we thank these players for their sacrifice and for their support and understanding.}

Click here to view to U18 2021-22 Preliminary Rosters (v4). (Tier 2C Head Coach updated 0 rosters are essentially finalized pending any further unanticipated movement.)

Again, the rosters have NOT been carved in stone as of yet.  Player movement may continue to occur up until November 1, 2021.  Players who quit after roster announcements can also impact team viability and cause us to have to alter rosters.  While rare, late cuts from the elite stream may continue to flow down into SPMHA’s house league teams.  While we try to avoid placing players onto teams and then moving them down when movement from above occurs, this can still happen.


I’d like to start by taking a moment to thank all the people who helped make this season’s evaluations run as smoothly as they did – between Duncan Weinert and Karli Dakus who ran the timeclock for most of our evaluation games, with Karli helping out in a variety of additional ways with player check in and jersey return, and of course, my lovely wife Lee-Ann who helped wash, dry and organize jerseys after every night of games so we could have clean jerseys for each night of evaluation games. Also to my daughter Paige who assisted with checking in players at many evaluation sessions when she wasn’t working one of her two paid jobs.  I could not possibly hope to do this without your support ladies!

A special thank you to all the evaluators that sat and watched all these players for as many hours as they did. There were several independent folks that I had out during these sessions who provided invaluable feedback as they did not have players in the division, and in some cases, not in the Association at all. These independent reviews are gold as there are no biases from past experiences with players, no rumours they’ve heard, or impressions made upon them. They are hockey guys who evaluated the talent and skills of the players on the ice and nothing more. There have been hundreds of data points taken, hundreds more hours spent analyzing the data and feedback and I am confident that the lists that will be posted represent the best possible configuration for players into teams that will allow for them to be both challenged and playing at a level appropriate to their skill.

The “bubble” between Tiers 1 and 2 and between 2 and 3 in the Checking portion of the division has never been tighter.  In some cases, we had to take a look at player history, and solicit feedback from our associate elite partners at SPKAC to break the tie between a decent number of players, particularly in between the tiers 1 and 2 level.  Just because your player is not placed on a tier 1 team, does not mean they are not an excellent hockey player, but we can only carry so many players on each team and the line must be drawn somewhere.

The fourth wave of COVID, and how our Government and County is reacting to this wave, is one of only a few complications we are dealing with this season. An imbalance of forward versus defense players leaves us insufficient defense to fill five U18 teams with the desirable number of D players per team. As such there will be several teams with only a handful of defense players.  These teams will need to have forwards rotate through defense positions in order to augment the low number of defensemen we have.  Lower number of registrants throughout the division, and the requirements of double vaccination proof means we lost a few registrants along the way.  Both factors contribute to the fact that we will not be able to create all our teams with full 19 player rosters.  And finally, an excess of goaltenders in the division means we must find a way to creatively find ways for all our goaltenders to play, unfortunately, this might mean bidding farewell to some of them to play with other Associations for the 2021-22 season.  Not ideal positions for a director to be in, but I guess that is why they pay me the zero bucks.

These preliminary rosters are being released without goaltenders listed on them.  As we sort out the goaltender situation in the next couple of days the rosters will be revised with the goalies assigned to each team and TeamSnap will be updated with the same.

Please remember when looking at the rosters, there will be many who agree with the rankings and placement of players, and some will not.  We have examined each player’s evaluation scores from a variety of angles, especially for players who joined us early in the process, and solicited appropriate input from our partners where needed, in order to place players on the team that best fits them in terms of the  overall picture of the entire U18 Division.  The SPMHA Evaluation Committee was convened to determine the most appropriate placement for any players who were injured from the outset of Evaluations and several that sustained injuries along the way.

For the players who started in the Checking stream and then were placed onto Non-Checking teams, I’d ask you to keep in mind that tier 1 Non-Checking (formerly called tier 4) is very good hockey and in some cases, is a better, faster game than many tier 3 games due to the fact that there are many players across many Associations that have the skillset to play much higher levels of hockey (AA, Tier 1/2, etc) but elect to play Non-Checking for a variety of reasons.  In some cases, your development at the Tier 1NC level may actually exceed that of players on the Tier 3C team (due to playing with several higher-skilled players), with exception of development of body checking skills.


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