[U18] Start of Season Information

Welcome to the start of what will certainly be an “interesting” U18 season. Division name changes, global pandemics and modified team/practice/game formats will all be center stage features as we begin to navigate the U18 hockey season together.

The U18 Division (formerly called Midget) is typically the last division in SPMHA to get started as many factors influence the make up of our teams, including flow-down from multiple levels of Elite Stream hockey.  If your son or daughter is making their way into this division for the first time, there are several major differences from many of the younger age group divisions.  These will all be discussed in upcoming Posts on this website and during our annual Parent/Player meeting, which we will hold virtually this season to keep with physical distancing requirements.

For the time being, I wanted to publish this quick post to ensure that we as a Board are communicating as much information as possible to our valued membership and share what we know at the moment.

What is happening now (week of 9/8 – 9/13):

  1. Registrations are being reviewed, development cohort teams are being loosely formed.
  2. Coach interviews are being booked starting as early as this weekend (9/13).
  3. SPKAC U18 Tryouts begin this week, with U16 following.  Both of these divisions flow players down into SPMHA, so until we have a better idea of how many players will be released from U18 and U16, the numbers for our SPMHA U18 Division can’t be finalized.  This will likely be closer to the end of the month (after 9/26).
  4. To avoid having too many different places where communications have to be watched for, after the initial email has gone out I will be sending out communications in the form of posts on this website.  After players are assigned into Development Groups, communications can commence through the TeamSnap email distribution system, but until then please keep watching this site for further details about the U18 season.

While your executive has been hard at work all summer long to make this season the best that it can possibly be for our members given the current situation, the ever-changing rules of engagement for the COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to share ALL the information at once.

In case you missed them in the SPMHA Insider Newsletter or on the website, below are the SPMHA Return to Play Guidelines.  I’d invite everyone to review these guidelines prior to submitting any questions, but if you do have questions that are not covered in these two links or some of the sub-links within (the Policy on refunds, for example), please feel free to reach out at U18.director@spmha.ab.ca.

SPMHA Return to Play Info (including FAQs)

SPMHA Return to Play Guidelines document


I will be publishing further information, including some dates that you can expect to begin seeing more information posted here over the next week or so.  I appreciate your understanding that this season will present us with a very fluid situation.  That said, if you “hear anything through the grapevine” that you’d like clarification on and can’t find it in the Return to Play Guidelines, FAQs, or posted on this website don’t hesitate to ask – my goal is to try to respond to most inquiries with 24 hours of receipt and I would rather have good information put there being propagated rather than misinformation.


Todd Pettinger

Director – SPMHA U18 Division